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Automatic Tube Bending and Cutting Machines

Automatic Tube Bending and Cutting Machines

Technologies integrated into a single management suite
Combining all product lines is easy because it was designed from the outset and simplified by the use of a single Bossray software.
Bossray CNC Lasertube and tube bender
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Use Video About Automatic Tube Bending and Cutting Machines

Tube Bending Machine And Lasertube Together To Always Get The Part Right From The Start

The laser-cut and bent tube right from the start. 
The smart Lasertubes and tube bending machines compensate for the deforming effects induced by bending offering you:

Easy programming even without experience. 
No rejects, no need for trial and error.
Precise and repeatable parts immediately.
Efficiency in the production of large or small batches.
Bossray CNC LaserTube

How The All-In-One Tube Bending and Cutting Machine Works

The tube bending machine calculates the elongation of the material and communicates it to the Lasertube.
The Lasertube system corrects the position of the cutting geometries along the tube based on the information received and processes it.
The part is then passed to the tube bending machine which also compensates for the springback of the tube. The result is the laser-cut and bent tube to perfection.

Bossray CNC tube bender + Laser cutting + Robot systems

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The Result Is A Laser-Cut And Bent Tube Right From The Start

All from one single management point.
The controller allows you to import curved tubes and get a single linear design for your Lasertube system.
The software estimates the deformations that the bending process will cause (springback and elongation), appropriately correcting the laser cutting path so your part is right from the start.

Always convenient integration! More on the multi-tube

Eliminate the multiplying effect of costs on multi-tube products. 

Exploit the flexibility of integrated systems to make more parts of an assembly in a single nesting.

The length of each part is already correct because All-In-One calculates the elongations of the next bending step.

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