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Mandrel Tube Benders

Mandrel Tube Benders

Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders are used to bend metal tubes or pipes accurately and without deforming the inner surface of the tube. It uses ball mandrels which is a solid rod and balls inserted into the tube during the bending process to prevent it from collapsing or wrinkling. This results in smooth and precise bends for various applications such as Automobile, Industrial vehicles, Metal fabrications and Construction etc.
Bossray Automatic CNC mandrel tube bender
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  • Bending Principles
  • Features
  • Parameters
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What is Mandrel Tube Benders

Mandrel tube benders are specific type of tube bending machines. It is so called only because it uses a mandrel to maintain the diameter of the tube being bent. Normally, when a tube is bent, it loses internal diameter and can wrinkle or even break. The mandrel, inserted into the tube at the point of the bend, keeps a constant diameter at the bend and reduces deformation. While there are several different types of mandrels, the most common includes a straight rod attached to several flexible balls. The mandrel must match the diameter of the tube or pipe to be bent.
Bossray Mandrel Benders Tooling sets

Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders Bending Principles

Bossray Mandrel Benders bending
Bossray Mandrel Benders rotation
Bossray Mandrel Benders feeding
Bossray Mandrel Benders ball mandrels
Bossray Mandrel Benders clamp
Bossray Mandrel Benders bending forward and back

Mandrel Tube Benders Features and Advantages

  • Bend-arm (C-axis) by servomotor or hydraulic.
  • Clamp die by hydraulic; pressure die by hydraulic.
  • Carriage (Y-axis) by servomotor.
  • With rear booster is driven by a servo motor.
  • Collets (B-axis): rotation by servo motor, grip by hydraulic.
  • With the roll bending function (ROLL BENDING), can make a big radius by rolling.
  • With ball mandrels, wiper die support for less deformations bending.

  • Tooling shift: motion up-down by hydraulic or servomotor with brake; left-right by servomotor.
  • PDA (pressure die assist): by hydraulic or servomotor.
  • Automatic moving parts lubrication systems.
  • Standing pedestal, serves emergency stop, double-hand startup, and remote control.
  • Industrial PC (windows system) assorted with touch screen display, 3D preview, remote control, 3D bending simulation, and collision prevention.

Mandrel Tube Bender Parameters

Bending capacity(mm)
AC servo
Hydraulic or AC servo
Hydraulic or AC servo
Hydraulic or AC servo
Hydraulic or AC servo
Hydraulic or AC servo
Hydraulic or AC servo
Hydraulic or AC servo
Hydraulic or AC servo
Hydraulic or AC servo
Hydraulic or AC servo

Mandrel Tube Benders Related Products

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Mandrel Tube BendersMain Components List

Our parts suppliers come from well-known brands around the world
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders IPC controller
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders PLC
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders CNC controller
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders servo motor
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders servo driver
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders sensors
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders guide rail
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders reducer motor
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders use Siemens motor
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders hydraulic pump
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders Yuken valve
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders Yuken cylinder
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders seals
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders bending chains
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders parts

Mandrel Tube Benders Software

Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders IPC controller main screen

IPC controller

This is international general mechanical control system, which combines the operation of industrial control computers, as well as the high openness of PLC programming, and the stability of action control. This architecture can further improve the performance of the pipe bending machine, enhance the coherence of actions, and improve the response efficiency of the equipment.
It can easily achieve multi axis linkage, simulation and display functions.
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders automatic program
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders 3D simulations
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders 3D convert

PLC controller

This control system is a mainstream system with PLC as the core and touch screen as the display carrier. The system has high openness and powerful functions, and is suitable for equipment such as fully automatic pipe bending machines, CNC pipe cutting machines, automated pipe bending machines, and pneumatic pipe bending machines. In addition, the vast majority of automation equipment in the current market adopts this system, which is also very suitable for online use with robots.
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders PLC controller
Bossray Mandrel Tube Benders software advantages

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