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Bossray CNC Tube benders

Leading CNC Tube Benders Manufacturer

Our CNC tube benders can improve manufacturing speed and increase your bottom line, High cost performance.

Bossray CNC Laser tubes

CNC Laser Tube Cutting Machines for Efficiency Production

CNC smart Laser tube cutting systems are our 2D&3D&5D for tubes, bars and profiles, from 12 mm to 635 mm (.5” to 25") in diameter and up to 18 m (60') in length.

Bossray CNC bending and cutting

CNC Tube Benders and Lasertubes together to always get the parts right from the start.

ALL-IN-ONE Multi-level connected machines.Technological integration of tube bending and laser cutting machine.Increase your competitiveness with technological integration.

Popular CNC Tube Bending and Laser Cutting Machines

Bossray, a Leader in CNC Tube Bending and Laser Cutting Machines.

Complete Solutions for Metal Tube Bending and Laser Cutting Machines

Bossray is leading to the extraordinary technology and experience in Tube bending and Laser cutting machines

Automobile Industry

Our CNC bending and laser cutting machines offer you a competitive advantage in the production of all major vehicle components: chassis, body, engine, interior, exhaust, braking or air conditioning systems etc

Motorcycle & ATV

The frames, exhaust system, components, and accessories are elements in which the machining of a tubular parts, whether laser cutting, bending, often comes into play. A single professional supplier, expert in these processes and able to integrate the systems in a single production process is a guarantee of quality, efficiency, and profitability.


Unleash your imagination and generate new ideas with BOSSRAY engineer. Create new design solutions and try them out now with the integration of tube bending and laser cutting that guarantees you the right part from the start. Reap the benefits of a single source supplier for your production process.

Agricultural and Industrial Vehicles

Many production steps of agricultural and industrial vehicles involve working on tubes. BOSSRAY, with its complete range of systems, can offer a solution to every need.

The availability of a unique partner able to provide systems for every tube processing job, from laser cutting and end-forming to bending, and to have the ability to have a completely integrated process offers several advantages.

Laser cutting of tubes, bending of tubes and wires, end-forming, different technologies for different parts of the vehicle, such as chassis, seats, exhaust systems, and air and fluid lines etc.

Fitness GYM

Robust structures concealed in an attractive design. The world of fitness machines is in full development and evolution. New ideas and production systems for easy, quick and cost-effective manufacturing are essential.

Metal Fabrications

Efficiently address the needs of a variety of different industries, slash production costs, and respond to customers with quality in the required time. To meet these needs, you need a complete range of machines with flexible and reliable systems that cover every possible demand. BOSSRAY is a one-stop supplier able to provide an answer to every problem.


Maximum precision and optical perfection are the greatest challenges in the manufacture of medical equipment. Moreover, the size of the tubes to be bent and the batch sizes vary widely. In addition, the materials used for medical equipment are especially diverse. In the case of wheelchairs and wheeled walking aids, it is important to reduce weight. It's a good thing that our cold bending technology does not attack the structure of the materials. BOSSRAY tube bending machines satisfy the most exacting requirements in terms of processing quality, sustainability and efficiency.

Chemical Industry

Our tube bending machines enable our customers to process even high-strength materials – from very large to extremely thick-walled and thin-walled tubes with the smallest bending radii. They produce complex geometries in a single operation and manufacture three-dimensional tube systems without the need for welding.


The efficiency of a combustion chamber depends on being able to bend the tubes to extremely tight radii in order to provide the largest possible surface area for heat transfer. The high-strength materials used represent an enormous challenge. We have developed bending machines that ensure consistent precision especially for the boiler and power plant industry. They are extremely stable and suitable for use in tough conditions.

Household Appliances

BOSSRAY systems are the solution to the needs of the household appliances sector.

With 2D and 3D laser cutting systems, make any kind of geometry, innovative and refined design shapes with smooth and defined cutting edges on materials, including aluminium or stainless steel. Plus our CNC tube bending systems for meet your shapes request.

Each system can be easily integrated into work cells with various levels of automation for rapid, yet flexible, production to meet growing needs.

Construction Industry

New technologies for the buildings construction of the future. BOSSRAY systems for processing tubes and beams offer the opportunity to reduce the overall costs of building a structure. Innovative solutions that exploit the potential of laser systems without which certain processes would be impossible or unprofitable.

Sanitation,Heating and Air Conditioning

The world of air treatment requires productivity, automation, precision, and repeatability. That is why it makes sense to rely on a single, experienced supplier with both single systems and flexible manufacturing cells. Our smart solutions satisfy the exacting requirements in terms of bend quality, especially when it comes to reducing the wall thicknesses and ovality of the tubes.

Provide Tube Bending and Cutting Solutions That Meet Your Needs

Supplying tailored machines and all kinds of tube bending and cutting solutions for the customers world widely.

Professional experience and industry reputation

Bossray has been committed to providing solutions for Tube bending and cutting machines since its establishment in 2003, providing over 3000 machines and solutions in 33 countries, providing excellent machines for tube bending and cutting request.

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Price value meet the Quality

From accessories to metal fabrications as well as assemble, we have a strict quality control system to meet customers' quality requirements, satisfy them, and achieve value for money, we would have full test done before ship the machine to final user.

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Customization Services

As a leading manufacturer of CNC tube bending and laser cutting machines, Bossray can customize machines according to customers' special request in needs.

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Excellent support and service network

We have local and international service partners to offer the machine install and training services, with fast machine parts deliver support, maintiance and tooling support etc.

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Leading manufacturer of CNC Tube benders and Laser cutting machines.

At Bossray we strive to be your trusted partner, helping you make informed decisions throughout the journey. From machine selection, to documentation, to training and support, the team at Bossray is here with you every step of the way.

Bossray Machinery is the State-of-the-art manufacturer of CNC Tube benders and Laser cutting machines. As be your specialist technology partner for high-performance bending and cutting machine solutions that are perfectly tailored to your individual needs. For decades, our company has been synonymous with innovation and quality, thanks to our ongoing efforts to improve set new standards in tube bending and laser cutting technology. Applying our passion, inventiveness and decades of experience, we develop unique and innovative products to ensure your lasting market success.

Our Advantages in Tube Bending and Cutting Machines Industry

We are supplying customized machines and all kinds of tube processing solutions for the customers worldwidely.

Experience and Innovation

Passed European CE and Chinese official design and invention patent certification.

Providing different CNC Tube bender and Laser cutting solutions for more than 20 years, Bossray is leading to the extraordinary technology and experience in tube bending and laser cutting field. We have more than 20 patents for the CNC tube benders and Laser cutting machines. We design and produce new model machines for more than 10 types every year. We are supplying tailored machines and all kinds of tube bending and cutting solutions for the customers world widely.

Quality Control

We say NO to quality defect.

The machine core parts are processed in door. Electric and hydraulic components are international famous brands. Choosing very good suppliers to help us build stable and premium quality. Strict QC department keeps the defective parts away from our machines. Never use fake parts. Updating of staff knowledge through courses and training activities.

Responsible Team

Bossray has the R&D team, production team, technical support team and sales service team. All teams are hardworking and responsible for the customers. We a mutually matched, mutually cooperative, mutually supportive, united team.

See What Our Customers Say

Bossray's professional capabilities and products quality have won praise from customers worldwidely.

"This is our 1st experience to purchase machines from Asia, we have Bossray CNC tube benders and lasers since year 2009, due to machine’s quality and service affect, now we have 4 tube benders and 2 lasers from them, and we would keep work with them."



Casadei Structural Steel

"We have 100CNC mandrel tube bender from Bossray since year 2016, the machine is very stable and heavy built which meet our mandrel tube bending request."

Company:Casadei Structural Steel Inc.



"I am very pleased to say, all tooling trialed for extrusion and pipes, meeting expectations and in some cases better than expectation, BTA MRLV tram window frames as an example. Results achieved, will reduce the need for straightening bent frames significantly and reduce the time spent polishing."




"We are trying to discuss with Bossray for new tube bender and lasers purchase, and we need CSA or ETL certificate."




"We have our 1st CNC tube bender from Bossray at year 2017, it improved our bending production efficiency, quick service response are appreciated, our next tube benders should be Bossray the same with new upgrades software and prefer to have electric bending as well."




"We produce header Parts and accessories, we ordered 3” CNC tube bender from Bossray 2016, very happy for the quality and spare parts support, our next mandrel bender would be Bossray for sure."



Bossray Partners

We have established partnerships with more than 500+ brand customers around the world.
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