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Bossray Pipe Bending and Laser Cutting Equipment for Household Appliances Manufacturing Solutions

Bossray cutting and bending systems are the solution to the needs of household appliances. With 2D and 3D laser cutting systems, make any kind of geometry, innovative and refined design shapes with smooth and defined cutting edges on materials, including aluminum or stainless steel. Each system can be easily integrated into work cells with various levels of automation for rapid, yet flexible, production to meet growing needs.
Bossray machine for Household Appliances

Application of Pipe Bending and Laser Cutting Equipment in the Household Appliances Industry

Our CNC pipe bending and laser cutting equipment can give you an important competitive advantage in a variety of applications for the household appliances industry such as Ovens, grills and water heaters, Hobs and hoods, Ice makers and beer pumps, Coffee machines, etc.
Bossray Laser cutting for Household Appliances
3D Laser Cutting, Hole Cutting, Bevel Cutting

The Bossray CNC laser tube cutting machine features 3D cutting capabilities to meet various design requirements, including cutting, hole cutting, and bevel all shape cuttings for Household Appliances.

Bossray laser pipe cutting for Household Appliances
High-Precision Fiber Laser Tube Cutting

Our CNC fiber laser pipe cutting machines use high-precision cutting technology to ensure consistent pipe dimensions and quality, thus enhancing overall product performance.

Bossray pipe bending
Round, Square, Rectangular Tubes, All shapes.

Our CNC mandrel pipe benders are suitable for different pipe shapes: round, square, rectangular, oval tubes, and diverse profiles, meeting varied component processing needs.

Bossray CNC mandrel pipe bending equipments
CNC 3D Cutting, 3D Pipe Bending

With 3D laser cutting and pipe bending capabilities, it can handle complex 3D pipe processing, meeting innovative requirements in Household Appliances design, with all tube shapes processing.

Bossray pipe bending tooling
Mandrel Bending, Roundness, Low Deformation Rate

The mandrel pipe bending machine with mandrel and wiper die support, ensuring tube roundness and a low deformation rate, crucial for all Household Appliances pipe bending solutions.

Bossray mandrel bending
Cold Bending, Tight Radius, Push and Roll Bending

In manufacturing Household Appliance parts such as frame and gas pipes, our CNC pipe bending machines can accurately achieve cold bending and small bending radius, ensuring product reliability and performance.

No Impact on Material Chemical and Physical properties

Through cold pipe bending technology, we can bending tubes without affecting the material quality and performance, ensuring product quality.

Bossray laser cutting and bending equipments
Laser Cutting Followed by CNC Mandrel Bending

In some Household Appliance parts manufacturing processes, laser cutting and bending operations are needed. Our mandrel pipe bending and cutting machine seamlessly integrates these two processes.

Bossray is dedicated to delivering high-quality, efficient Household Appliances pipe manufacturing solutions.

Our CNC pipe bending and laser cutting equipment are indispensable equipment for achieving this goal. Through its superior performance, we are able to ensure product consistency and performance, meet the needs of the evolving Household Appliances industry, and provide customers with superior metal component products. CNC Pipe bending and Laser cutting machines will continue to play a key role in future Household Appliances manufacturing, helping Bossray maintain its leading position in the industry.

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Bossray Featured CNC Tube Benders and Laser Cutting Machines

20 years of experience in CNC pipe bending and laser cutting machines, professional solutions for Household Appliances requests.

Household Appliances Success Stories

Bossray has full confidence in the quality and usage of CNC Pipe Bending and Laser Cutting Equipment. With over 20 years of experience, we have garnered praise from our customers worldwide.
ApplicationCoffee machines
MachineSB-38CNC, TM-40CNC, FLT-6016
FunctionCNC electric bending, end forming and Laser cutting
Bossray customer
Bossray tube bending

Fracino is a Birmingham-based company that manufactures espresso machines and exports to 90 countries all over the world.

In the year 1985, the company that used to import machinery from Spain for the CNC Pipe Benders.

From that moment on, demand began to exceed availability and Fracino decided to build its own family of machines.
Success was immediate and today Fracino makes over 2,000 espresso coffee machines per year.

Bossray tube bending assemble

We pay more attention for the software and operations, The strong commercial growth of Fracino led to new challenges due to the increase in production volume.

They needed to make in-house parts to perform quality control and reduce lead times. So, both sheet and pipe processing unit opened.

Fracino introduced the 4-runner line: pipe bending, end-forming and burr-free cutting cell enclosed in a single machine on their line.

Bossray automatic bending cell

Bossray’s professional and high-quality services are worthy of our trust

Our bending not easy sometimes, with 1.5D or more tight radius, Bossray offer good quality toolings to meet our request for no wrinkle bending.

The Bossray machines revolutionized our Pipe process production. Thanks to its incredible speed, the electric bending step that used to be the bottleneck of our process is always ahead of schedule.
Carol Lasaponara

Fracino bossray

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