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Bossray CNC Pipe Bending and Laser Cutting Machines Automobile Manufacturing Solutions

As a leading supplier of CNC pipe bending and laser cutting machines in the Automobile manufacturing field, Bossray has been committed to providing the most advanced manufacturing solutions to ensure high-quality Automobile product components. In this process, our CNC pipe bending and laser cutting machines play a key role in the Automobile field.

Application of CNC Pipe Bending and Laser Cutting Machines in the Automobile Industry

Our CNC Pipe Bending and Laser Cutting Machines offer you a competitive advantage in the production of all major Automobile components: chassis, body, engine, interior, exhaust, braking or air conditioning systems, etc.
Bossray CNC Laser tube cutting
High-Precision Steel Fiber Laser Cutting

Our CNC laser tube cutting machines takes high-precision cutting technology to ensure consistent tube dimensions and quality, thus enhancing overall product performance.

Bossray 3D Laser tube cutting
3D Laser Cutting, Hole Cutting, Bevel Cutting

The CNC laser tube cutting machine features 3D cutting capabilities to meet various design requirements, including cutting, hole cutting, and bevel all shape cuttings.

Bossray CNC Mandrel bending
CNC 3D Cutting, 3D Pipe Bending

With 3D laser cutting and pipe bending capabilities, it can handle complex 3D pipe processing, meeting innovative requirements in Automobile design, even bend in bend requests.

Bossray mandrel tube bender
Round, Square, Rectangular Tubes, All shapes.

Our CNC pipe bending machines are suitable for different pipe shapes: round, square, rectangular, oval tubes, and diverse profiles, meeting varied component processing needs.

exhaust tube bending bossray
Cold Bending, Tight Radius, Exhaust, And Cooling Pipe Bends

In manufacturing components such as exhaust pipes and cooling pipes, our pipe bending machine can accurately achieve cold bending and tight bending radius, ensuring product reliability and performance.

Bossray CNC tube bender
Ball Mandrel Bending, Roundness, Low Deformation Rate

Bossray CNC mandrel tube bending machines use cold ball mandrel bending, ensuring tube roundness and a low deformation rate, crucial for automobile exhaust systems, etc. 1D~1.5D are OK.

Bossray tube bending machine
No Impact on Material Chemical and Physical properties

Through cold bending technology, we can bend pipes without affecting the material quality and performance, ensuring product quality.

Bossray cutting and bending
Laser Cutting Followed by CNC Bending

In some automobile components manufacturing processes, laser cutting and bending operations are needed. Our bending and cutting machine seamlessly integrates these two processes, improving production efficiency.

Bossray is dedicated to delivering high-quality, efficient Automobile tubes manufacturing solutions.

Our CNC pipe bending and laser cutting machines are indispensable equipment for achieving this goal. Through its superior performance, we are able to ensure product consistency and performance, meet the needs of the evolving Automobile industry, and provide customers with superior automobile component products. CNC pipe bending and laser cutting machines will continue to play a key role in future automobile manufacturing, helping Bossray maintain its leading position in the industry.

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Bossray Featured CNC Tube Bending and Laser Cutting Machines

20 years of experience in CNC pipe bending and laser cutting machines, professional solutions for the automobile industry.

Automobile Industry Success Stories

Bossray has full confidence in the quality and usage of CNC pipe bending and laser cutting machines. With over 20 years of experience, we have garnered praise from our customers worldwide.
ClientMad Dog Headers LLC
Application  Auto parts & supply store
MachineSB-75CNC SB-50CNC FLT-8020
FunctionCNC mandrel tube bender 3" capacity, tight radius mandrel bending and CNC Laser cutting

In order to improve productivity, we upgrade CNC pipe bending and Laser cutting machines from Bossray Group.

We manufacturing automobile parts such like exhausts, bumpers, head restraint, hinge, oil pipe etc.

We have one EATON-LEONARD tube bender, the machine is good, but service is normal and delay bad. In an effort to increase productivity, we trying to order the CNC Tube bender and Laser from Asia.

Bossray tube bender for automobile

Bossray bending parts

We pay more attention for the software and operations, Bossray 3D remote controller which is very good for us.

We talked to and visited Bossray's customers in Canada, which gave us even more confidence in them.

Now the Bossray tube bender works well since 5 years and they are quick for spare parts express. With the IPC controller, if we have any problem, Bossray could arrange remote control to solve which save us lots of time and cost free.

Bossray’s professional and high-quality services are worthy of our trust

Our bending not easy sometimes, with 1.5D or more tight radius, Bossray offer good quality toolings to meet our request for no wrinkle bending.

We also have some parts with bend in bend which need multi-layer benders. Bossray offer quick tooling change systems which saved us lots of time for tooling exchange and adjust back.
We get what we pay for.
Mark D

Bossray tube bender and laser for Automobile

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