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Bossray CNC Tube Benders and Laser Cuttng Machines for Motorcycle & ATV Manufacturing Solutions

From Bicycles to Motorcycles and ATV, this industry produces highly desirable objects and thrives on continuous innovation in materials and shapes more than others. Modern processing technologies capable of adapting to changing market demands are needed. Bossray CNC Tube Benders and Laser Tubes play a key role in the Bicycle & Motorcycle & ATV field.

Application of CNC Tube Benders and Laser Tube Cutting Machines in the Motorcycle & ATV Industry

The frame, exhaust system, components, and accessories are elements in which the machining of a tubular parts, whether laser cutting, bending or end-forming, often comes into play. Bossray, A single supplier, expert in these processes and able to integrate the systems in a single production process is a guarantee of quality, efficiency, and profitability.
Fiber laser tubes
High-Precision Fiber Laser Tube Cutting

Our CNC fiber laser tube cutting machines use high-precision cutting technology to ensure consistent pipe dimensions and quality, thus enhancing overall product performance.

Bevel cutting
3D Laser Cutting, Hole Cutting, Bevel Cutting

The CNC laser tube cutting machine features 3D cutting capabilities to meet various design requirements, including cutting, hole cutting, and bevel all shape cuttings.

Bossray mandrel bending
CNC 3D Cutting, 3D Pipe Bending

With 3D laser cutting and tube bending capabilities, it can handle complex 3D tubes processing, meeting innovative requirements in Motorcycle design, even bend in bend requests.

Round, Square, Rectangular Tubes, All Shapes.

Our CNC tube benders are suitable for different tube shapes: round, square, rectangular, oval tubes, and diverse profiles, meeting varied component processing needs.

Cold Bending, Tight Radius, Exhaust, And Cooling Pipe Bends

In manufacturing components such as exhaust and frame tubes, our CNC Tube Benders can accurately achieve cold bending and tight bending radius, ensuring product reliability and performance.

motorcycle bending
Ball Mandrel Bending, Roundness, Low Deformation Rate

Bossray CNC Mandrel Tube Benders use cold ball mandrel bending, ensuring tube roundness and a low deformation rate, crucial for Motorcycle exhaust and frame systems etc. 

Motorcycle exhausts
No Impact on Material Chemical and Physical properties

Through cold mandrel bending technology, we can bend tubes without affecting the material quality and performance, ensuring product quality.

Laser Cutting Followed by CNC Bending

In some Motorcycle & ATV component manufacturing processes, laser cutting and bending operations are needed. Our bending and cutting machines seamlessly integrates these two processes, improving production efficiency.

Bossray is dedicated to delivering high-quality, efficient Motorcycle & ATV pipe manufacturing solutions.

Our CNC Tube Bender and Lasertubes are indispensable equipment for achieving this goal. Through its superior performance, we are able to ensure product consistency and performance, meet the needs of the evolving Motorcycle &ATV industry, and provide customers with superior Motorcycle and Bicycle component products. CNC Tube Benders and Lasertubes will continue to play a key role in future Bicycle and Motorcycle manufacturing, helping Bossray maintain its leading position in the industry.

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Bossray Featured CNC Tube Benders and Laser Cutting Machines

20 years of experience in CNC pipe bending and laser cutting machines, professional solutions for the Motorcycle & ATV industry.

Motorcycle Industry Success Stories

Bossray has full confidence in the quality and usage of CNC Tube benders and Lasertubes. With over 20 years of experience, we have garnered praise from our customers worldwide.
ClientMetaux Inc Canada
Application  Vehicles bumper, Boat accessories
MachineSB-50CNC, SB-65CNC, SB-89CNC
FunctionCNC automatic mandrel tube bending with multiple radius

In order to improve productivity, we upgrade CNC Mandrel Tube Benders.

We manufacturing Motorcycle and Boat parts such like exhausts, bumpers, head restraint, hinge, oil pipe etc.

We purchsed our First machine around 2009.
At that period of time we were bending tubes on hydraulic mandrel bender (NOT CNC).
Going with Bossray CNC tube bender was a huge step for us.
But it was also our first experience in importing machines from China.

Bossray test bending parts

We pay more attention for the software and operations, Bossray 3D remote controller which is very good for us.

As you, we went to the same conclusion: North American suppliers get supplied in Asia anyway.
Since that date, we never stopped importing machines from different manufacturers in Asia and it allowed us to grow.

In China is like everywhere else, you get what you pay for.
You need to be more autonomous than if you'd be purchasing a machine locally.
However, their support is very good, they ship you spare parts fast, we have absolutely nothing bad to say about them.

Bossray’s professional and high-quality services are worthy of our trust

On the first machine, we needed to go over the bolts and needed to tight them up due to sea shipment.
The software was also not efficient, so we updates it 2 years later with their new system (Windows).
Now It's all ok.
The second CNC tube bender purchased in 2017 was "custom" made (extended neck) and got here with the neck a little bit crooked.
We needed to fix it locally but the fees has been refunded.
Otherwise, everyting else has been smooth with these 2 tube benders and this is why we decided recently to buy 2 new benders more.

We would go ahead cooperate with Bossray team.
Sebastien Baril
Metaux Inc Canada

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